Attention Grunge & Alternative Music Fans:

What would it sound like if all the tasty tones your favorite 1990’s bands were smushed into an industrial-strength blender and then whipped into a frothy, angst-ridden smoothie?

Judging by the true grit and grind of this record, friends and fans alike agree it would have to sound something just like The Undead Hearts.

What Fans Are Saying:

  • Definitely digging the hard rock vibe. So amazing. Fantastic composition. Great beat progression. Nice lyrics. — Fan Review, ReverbNation

  • The Undead Hearts lay down riffs and melodies with precision power. If Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana had an angry offspring, The Undead Hearts would be it. — Bruce Edwin, The Hollywood Sentinel

  • The different melodies are interesting and well thought out and it changes a lot which I like. The singer can sing. — Fan Review, ReverbNation

Now available, but only for a very limited time, you can download 2 original Undead Hearts singles, plus 1 very special cover song of Failure’s epic, Wonderful Life absolutely for FREE.

So, if you’re a Nirvana or Nine Inch Nails fan, or a fan of Soundgarden or Smashing Pumpkins, or even a fan of Alice In Chains, Primus, Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots or Tool — THEN YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HEAR this breaking, underground, L.A.-based band, The Undead Hearts.

Why? Because all your favorite elements from the bygone era are present on industry sampler, “Beside A Ditch”, recorded at dusty Ditch Road Records in Simi Valley, CA. THAT’S WHY.

An Exciting Debut Full Of Your Favorite Alt-Grunge Features

Having all the crucial elements to make a quality record, “Beside A Ditch” has everything you’d come to expect from your favoite 90’s artists.

Everything; including, exceptional song writing matched with a masterful mix, great production and exhilarating performance together make this a promising, intense, debut-experience for new listeners, and bound to become a fan favorite of long-time listeners.

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    Download FREE Alt-Grunge Sampler: 'Beside A Ditch'