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Undead Hearts

Fiercely ⚡️ Independent ⚡️ Rock

Undead Hearts - Live at the Whisky a Go Go

Inspired By:
🔥Alice In Chains 🔥A Perfect Circle
🔥Nine Inch Nails 🔥Nirvana 🔥My Chemical Romance
🔥Metallica 🔥Rage Against The Machine 🔥System Of A Down

Undead Hearts - A sonic blast of raging power.
A sonic blast of raging power - News Blaze

[Singer] Draven Midnight's vocals range from haunting to captivating and can fill every gap between... - ZROCK Social Roundup

Undead Hearts - Expertly contained fury.
Expertly contained fury. - News Blaze

If you’re a fan of anyone from Soundgarden to Alice in Chains, this outfit is right up your alley. - ZROCK Social Roundup

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