Hailing from Los Angeles, CA Undead Hearts are an American, heavy alternative band who write and perform heart-racing alternative rock.

With an heart-racing live show Undead Hearts have graced the stage of legendary music venues such as Whisky a Go Go & Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA, Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA, Molly Malones in L.A.’s renowned Miracle Mile district, and The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills/Malibu, CA.

Lead by singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the troupe, Draven Midnight is joined by lead guitarist, Ramon Blanco (Bogner sponsored artist) and is backed by “Rhythm Juice” rhythm section comprised of School of Rock drum instructor, Nicholas Mason (Yamaha sponsored artist) & Harley “BOOM BOOM” Duggan known for his role as bassist in both Hollywood U2 & Born Jovi tribute acts.

Hammering out a string dates in hometown Los Angeles, CA, Undead Hearts have performed supporting roles for notable acts such as Tom Kiefer of Cinderella, former singer of Misfits, Michale Graves, and Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson/KMFDM) to name a few.

Formed on Halloween of 2010, Mr. Midnight moved on from working on solo material to tapping producer/guitarist Michael Eisenstein of Letters to Cleo/Reigning Monarchs fame who in turn brought on fellow bandmate and seasoned Alanis Morissette touring drummer, Blair Sinta to lay down the foundation of what would become their premiere release, “This Is Our Last Ditch Effort”.

With guitars, bass, and vocals tracked by Mr. Midnight at Ditch Road Records in Simi Valley, CA, the singer/guitarist then tapped Filter/Devo/A Perfect Circle drummer Jeff Friedl to provide drums for part 2 of “…Last Ditch Effort” currently in mid-production and awaiting a proper release date.

Masterfully mixed by producer/engineer, Ronin Chris Murphy (well known for mixes on multiple King Crimson records), “This Is Our Last Ditch Effort” contains 3 blistering tracks (2 originals + 1 cover song) with influences ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Nirvana, from Smashing Pumpkins to A Perfect Circle, Tool to Radiohead and many, many more.

Undead Hearts are on track to a meteoric rise to stardom becoming one of the next legendary bands to call Los Angeles their home.

If this band is playing in your hometown or neighborhood, then you simple MUST witness their unique, heart-racing, down-tuned heavy alternative rock performance!

For upcoming dates visit: undeadhearts.com/tickets