Starpower Management Signs Draven Midnight and The Undead Hearts

Numerous star rockers have worked with the technical wizard, but Draven is not trying to drop names. “The music speaks for itself,” the artists says.

Los Angeles-based recording artist Draven Midnight mixes hard beats with caustic vocals to create his defining sound. His primary focus, his band “The Undead Hearts” features a revolving line up, with Draven at the helm. With a unique sound, The Undead Hearts lays riffs and melodies down with precision power. If Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana had an angry offspring, The Undead Hearts would be it.

Bruce Edwin states, “I have had my eye on this band for quite some time, and I have seen them evolve into a truly top notch act. Draven Midnight is a musical expert, who goes to great lengths to produce a precision crafted album. That however would all mean nothing; if an artist had no soul or songwriting capability. Thankfully however, Draven has both. I am very impressed by his new work, and I am very pleased and proud to welcome him aboard the roster of Starpower Management. I guarantee you will be hearing a lot more of him soon, and encourage all rockers to check him out.”

— Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel
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‘This is Our Last Ditch Effort’ is more like a first rate jam

Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have a shortage of alternative bands on the scene, but there are those that stand out. One worth giving a listen to is throwback proggy grunge sounding The Undead Hearts

…current EP, This is Our Last Ditch Effort, recorded at Ditch Road Records in Simi Valley, is a tasty blend of old school raw vocals and new school energy. The three tracks, two original songs and one cover, illustrate the versatility of the group, roaming from slow, melancholy tones to upbeat, kinetic rock tunes.

On “Committed,” Draven starts out with some Paul Weller-ish vocals then descends into darker, more Tool-ish territory. It’s an interesting mix of soft and heavy rhythms.

“Frozen Through and Callous,” This anthemic call and response song is awash in Radiohead fervor and ripe with clear arpeggios. A headbanger for sure.

The cover of Failure’s “Wonderful Life” is a bit of a departure from the band’s usual sound, taking them into groovy hooks and adrenaline fueled rhythms. It definitely has that action soundtrack sound.

Sonya Alexander
Classic Rock Examiner
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