DRAVEN MIDNIGHT – Singer / Guitar

Draven Midnight - Vocals & Guitar

In addition to music production & songwriting, singer/guitarist Draven Midnight provides frontman duties for the Undead Hearts.

Summer of 2009 the music producer began podcasting his original material to iTunes. Impressively with 7 minimal demos and in less than 90 days moved over 9,300 downloads.

The following year working with Danny Bailystocky at Revolution 9 Records in Hollywood, CA delivered a cyber punk version of “Wonderful Life” which became a Limewire favorite cover song of 2010.

Wanting more out of his recordings and with a desire to hit the stage he was discovered by sound engineer & Ditch Road Records owner Ryan Canestro and invited to session at the Simi Valley, CA recording studio.

Those were the seeds that started the journey to producing Undead Hearts.

Visit his official site to preview the demos for yourself; then stop by his Instagram to show your support.